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Everyone can donate rice by Free Rice 2.0

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Free Rice 2.0 is a newly opened website which donates rice through the World Food Programme to the hunger. Everyone can take part in the programme by answering questions categrised as Language, Geographic and Mathematics questions. The website will donate certain amount of rice according to the number of questions that are correctly answered.

Everyone can help

The interface of Free Rice 2.0

The interface of Free Rice 2.0

The innovation of the website is to motivate everyone to do every little to help the hunger by setting up a series of questions. It writes on its homepage “For each answer you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger.”

The multiple-choice questions provided by the website are automatically generated by the computer programme by sourcing its question database. There are Language questions such as English Vocabulary and English Grammar, Geographic questions such as matching the national flag with the proper country, and Mathematics questions such as tables in the database.

By correctly answering each question, the website will donate 10 grains to the hunger. The whole session will be shown in the animation on the right side of the layout: grains will be dropped in.

Tool for self-education

The interface of Free Rice 2.0: lad

The interface of Free Rice 2.0: lad

The programme will raise the difficulty level based on users’ performance. For most people, it is also a good way to evaluate the knowledge and be self-educated.

To elaborate, when choosing the incorrect answer, the programme will maintain the difficuly level and show couple of different questions before reaching for the same one. In this way, the user is able to remember the correct match and widen the vocabulary. The same goes with other types of questions.

Editor’s words

Charity is no more new concept to the world. Nowadays more and more governmental organisations, NGOs, charity funds and individuals aim to help the vulnerable. The biggest challenge they are facing, undoubtedly, is how to achieve new channels to gain the wider commitment group, by triggering their own motivation.

In this perspective, Free Rice 2.0 is doing a pretty good job. The figures show that there are hundreds of thousands of people now logging on the site and doing their part to assist. They can even be named on the achievement list providing they are the top guns of the participants. It just the same as on some hero-lists of online games.

Combining fun, education with personal ambition and the final goal of helping the hunger, the website seems have been successful with those innovations.

Whereas the problem those charity funds always facing is the lack of public concerns. This problem is more obvious when putting into the frames of certain countries and regions. Take mainland China as an example. The state run charity firms, especially the Red Cross is now facing a critical situation because it is losing people’s faith. The major event is the Guo Meimei Scandal, which exposes a chain of interests behind the curtain. When digging deeper, the connections between private firms and governmental branches and representatives are not that simple as stated in the official papers. This problem rise more doubts for people: are the charity associations and organisations that we have been trusted for half of our lives still trustworthy?

The way around to solve the trust crisis may consider Free Rice 2.0 as an educational guide. Apart from the illness beyond cure, those problems which can still be solves must be dealt with now, for the sake of the society. Finding new ways to regain public’s trust and attention is the top priority.

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