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Teachers strike for pension: nationwide walkout

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers have announced a nationwide walkout today to fight for their pensions.

Save-Our-Pensions, NUT © RIGHTTOWORK

Save-Our-Pensions, NUT © RIGHTTOWORK

It is said that the walkout would affect thousands of schools and universities in England and Wales.

The NUT has launched a campaign to drum up support for voting ‘yes’ in the ballot for strike against the government’s plans to cut the pension.

They asked the teachers to “vote ‘yes’ to change the government’s mind before it imposes these unnecessary changes to our pensions”.

1/4 schools closed in 2008 during teachers’ strike

Up to 200,000 NUT members carried out a one-day stoppage in protest at a below-inflation pay rise in the summer of 2008.

The strike caused nearly 5,000 schools’ closure and brought a ‘chaos’ in 21 years in Britain’s history.

This year’s strike may not has the same effect as 2008’s as a lot of schools and universities are about to enter the summer vacation. But it is not the first strike in education sector apart from the tuition fee protest this year. Some members of NUT has carried out a one-day stoppage in the spring academic year.

The teachers’ walkout comes as a part of the strike by public sector workers’ efforts towards pensions in industrial action. It is estimated that up to 750,000 public workers will hold a coordinated strike later this month.

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