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Chinese Prime Minister Wen draws smiling face in Fukushima

The Chinese Prime Minister Wen visited a shelter in Fukushima, Japan today. The Prime Minister drew a smiling face and encouraged the Japanese people to ‘live on with a smile’.

Prime Minister Wen drawing a smiling face in Fukushima © XinHua 2011

Prime Minister Wen drawing a smiling face in Fukushima © XinHua 2011

Prime Minister Wen is on a trip to send condolences and aid to the Japanese people who have suffered from the catastrophe in Fukushima, the city ripped off by a powerful earthquake and devastating tsunami on March 11. He was asked to write an inscription by a woman. Prime Minister Wen not only drew a smiling face on the board, but also wrote “live on with a smile”.

The Prime Minister said: “It is my own decision to come to Fukushima. Why do I come here? Because this place has suffered from a tri-catastrophe which consists of the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear leak.

“Therefore I believe by visiting here we can express the deepest condolences and compassion from the Chinese people to the Japanese people.

“The painting I drew means two things: faith and courage. I believe having these two, and only by having these two can the Japanese people embrace a bright future.”

He also carries the message that China is ready to extend more material and economic support in the aftermath relief task.

According to China Daily, the country will soon “send two business groups to Japan for opportunities in cooperation in the disaster relief and reconstruction sector as well as investment to Japan.”

Wen Jiabao effect

Moundsman No.35 © XinHua 2007

Moundsman No.35 © XinHua 2007

The Chinese Prime Minister Wen has a broad welcomed reputation not only in China but also in Japan. It is believed that he is the best government image to the Japanese people and his visit will indeed brings a more open and constructive governmental as well as non-governmental culture between the two neighbours.

The Prime Minister’s ice-breaking visit to Japan during April 11 to 13, 2007 posts an international positive effect to the political culture and also eases the tight tension all those years. It was the first Prime Minister visit after six year and a half.

Wen is widely remembered as the Moundsman No.35 for his baseball game with Ritsumei University baseball team.

Kim Jong Il on the move

The thing is, during the time Wen visits the Fukushima shelter, the DPR Korea leader Kim Jong Il is on his ‘special train’ to Beijing.

The media argues that Kim’s visit to Beijing means he wants to hold a closer relation with the Chinese Communist Party at this very time to hamper the Japan and the South. Kim seldom goes abroad, however, he has conducted three trips continuously to China (May and August, 2010 and May 2011). And it is “very weird” according to Ifeng (Phoenix online).

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