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Optimus Kuan Kung lands Shen Yang

A 9.7-metre high Kuan Kung (Guan Yu) figure transformer was displayed outside a shopping mall in Shen Yang, the provincial capital of Liao Ning yesterday.

The Optimus Kuan Kung is designed and built by Bi Heng, a student from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, as his graduation piece.

Bi Heng, majors in Sculpturing, said that the official name of Optimus Kuan Kung was “Jie Fang”, which means liberation.

“It’s not a copycat. The idea I want to express by this sculpture is to encourage people to push themselves, to be self-renewal by adopting oversea technologies.” He said.

The Jie Fang lorry, credit: Jie Da

The Jie Fang lorry, credit: Jie Da

The Jie Fang lorry

The original appearance of his giant sculpture comes from an old lorry “Jie Fang”. The lorry, made in Shen Yang FAW (First Auto Work) Automotive Company, is widely used around China after 1956.

He said that the lorry represented the spirit of hard-working Chinese people and it witnessed the development of the country.

The Kuan Kung figure

When asked why transform the lorry into Kuan Kung, he said that it was a known-to-all figure.

Optimus Kuan Kung

Optimus Kuan Kung

Kuan Kung is a Chinese historical figure, which represents loyalty, bravery and faith. Some places in China (HK and Taiwan) honour him the God of War.

“My idea is to art up our daily used stuff. The idea came to me in the winter of 2006, before the movie Transformers was out.

“It costs almost RMB 300,000 (£ 30,000). And I managed to have the fund by myself, like moonlighting for the Department of Sculpturing.” He said.

There are thousands of people going to view the Optimus Kuan Kung during the day and the number of clicks on its Youku video clip is up to 306836.

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