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St. George’s Lecture Theater blocked as ‘hidden’ fugitive inside

Police blocked St. George’s Lecture Theater around 13:00 today as they suspected a suspected-criminal was hiding inside the building.

Lecture Theater is blocked

Lecture Theater is blocked

The police helicopter was spinning above the Church building. Several back-up units, including armed uniforms with gas-guns and dog-patrol officers  were deployed around the building. At 13:15, two more police vehicle arrived and 3 officers joint in the encirclement.

Nearly 80 students  had to evacuate and assemble away around St. George’s Terrace and Portobello Street due to the block. Most of the students were unconscious about the situation, but they followed the orders from plain-clothes officers and uniforms.

Police officer, badge number 1458, said: ” I don’t know what’s going on. I was just got the order and arrived here.”

Another plain-clothes officer, who is holding a walkie-talkie, told the reporter: “We have a fugitive inside the building. Just go to the corner over there. Don’t worry, it will be finished within 20 minutes.”

Students gathering outside

Students gathering outside

The entrances and the exits of the theater were all covered by police. It seemed that the criminal had nowhere to go.

Several minutes later, around 13:25, police with gas-guns were withdrawn from the scene. Followed were dog-patrol units and uniforms. No one was seen arrested.

According to the police, the fugitive was not inside the building. The intel was inaccurate.

Students were allowed to go inside the building after a 30-minutes wait.

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