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President Hu confirmed the China Stealth J-20

The Chinese President Hu Jingtao confirmed that J-20 Stealth fighter jet was running a test-fly in previous days.

J-20 on the run

J-20 on the run

Present Hu confirmed this information during his meeting with Robert Gates, the US Sectary of Defense on Tuesday, 11 January.

Mr. Gates said that he asked Present Hu directly whether the test-fly had something to do with his visit. Present Hu said the test-fly was irrelevant with his visit and it was pre-arranged due to the schedule.

The China Stealth jet J-20 is a forth generation aircraft with the ability to avoid radar detection. It has a canard delta layout (like J-10) with two canted, all-moving vertical stabilizers and smaller canted ventral fins.

J-20 VS F-22

Its stealth body shape is similar to that of the US stealth jet F-22, AKA predator. According to Air Force World, ‘the main landing gears retract into the jet’s body-side bays, indicating the likely F-22-style side weapon bays ahead of them.’ It is also said that J-20’s ground clearance is higher than on the F-22.

Officers inspect the jet

Officers inspect the jet

J-20’s appearance, or the confirmation of its existence supports the claims that Chinese military aviation program is advancing faster than expected.

Early last year the Pentagon said they did not expect China would occupy any Stealth jets in near future.

The leak of J-20 came from some Chinese bloggers. They stated in their blogs how Chinese military officers inspected the jet on the run-way and also showed some pictures of the jet.

Claims has been made that the government might deliberately leak this information to the public. But no evidence has been found yet.

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