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Fire & Police Museum welcomes visitors

Fire and Police Museum Sheffield is welcoming visitors with a wide range of exhibits and open-events in the coming month, December 2010.

The museum is famous for its exhibits of former and current fire engines, firefighters’ uniforms, badges, medals, police vehicles and equipments from both local and international.

‘Five-star’ events

Located on the West Bar Roundabout, which is the heart of the old steel city, the museum witnesses the history of Sheffield. One of its ‘five-star’ events is ‘Sheffield Blitz and the Second World War’.

Visitors will be able to imagine Sheffield illuminated with fire during Nazi German’s bombardments in the WWⅡ. Genuine radio warning will be played so people can get a first-hand feeling about the war-time. The museum will also show them the multiple ways in which Sheffield Industry helped the services during the war.

History Wall of Fire 'The Great Fire of London'

History Wall of Fire 'The Great Fire of London'

With the help of the unique package called ‘The Great Fire of London’, the museum will allow visitors to think objectively about The Great Fire and explore its impact upon London life. The museum will conduct various learning styles and teaching approaches by interacting games with visitors. During the event, people can gain their own understanding of Fire Safety in the daily life.

Other events like ‘People Who Help Us’, ‘Law and Order’ and ‘Crime and Punishment’ will also be attractions for visitors young and old.


The mission of the museum is to recognize and preserve the heritage of the Emergency Services and its contribution to the community. It also aims at promoting education of fire and life safety.

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