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Ilia’s Russian Collections’ Booth

Ilia Nikandrov, a trader from Russia, is running his Russian collections’ business in a  small booth in the Continental Market. On his booth table, there are many beautifully decorated wooden dolls,  CCCP army medals and fur-hats on the show.

Ilia Nikandrov's trading with his customer“Those hand-made wooden dolls are traditional  folk art toys from Russia. They are called matryoshka,” Ilia said to the reporter.

They were the most popular products of his booth. Ilia was very happy about his sales today. He said:” I have 30 to 35 customers everyday during the market. They are all very interested in my toys.

“I started my booth on the first day. It was difficult to run the business alone, but the sale was good. People bought them as gifts.”

The Continental Market had over 40 booths on the market this time. There were German sausages and beers, French ice-cream,  Norway furs and winter clothes, etc.. Most of the traders had their goods from around Europe.

A little girl is attracted by the dolls

A little girl is attracted by the dolls

When asked about his feeling about the market, the Russian boy said:” This market is good. I have a contract with the Continental Market. They offer me a place. I am going to Taunton to join a market when this is over.”

He also said that he would go to Belfast to take part in the Christmas Market, which would be his last stop in Britain.

“After that, I will go back to Russia.” Ilia said.

The market on Fargate and the Sheffield Town Hall Square is held by the Continental Market. It starts from  Thursday, November 4 and ends today, November 7. During the event, people can buy a range of products, gifts and food from around Europe.

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