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Tencent declares war to 360 Safe

360 Safe's pop-up messageTencent, together with Kingsoft, Baidu, Mexthon, declared war towards 360 Safe by popping up an automatic message to its users on  Wednesday, October 27, 2010. Later today, 360 Safe fought back with an auto-message when their users updating the anti-virus data base.

The auto-message said that Tencent was not peeping users’ privacy through the back-door softwares attached to QQ chatting application. tencent's auto-messageTencent QQ is widely used by 1000 million surfers both in China and worldwide. The message also said it was 360 Safe’s malice to deliberately say the otherwise.

On the other hand, 360 Safe, a forever-free anti-virus software, said they were just uncovering the truth. The breach could be detected by Microsoft Process Monitor too. 360 Safe had to pop up a message automatically when their users connecting to the internet to update their anti-virus data base. In the message, 360 Safe said the only reason for Tencent to do that was because they wanted to shift public attention out of their breach of users’ privacy.

The anti-virus 360 Safe is widely installed by internet surfers, which has estimate-population of 300 million. It is a newly-programmed anti-virus software released behind Microsoft Security Essentials, Kaspersky, ESET NOD 32, Rising and Kingsoft Security.

According to a survey, 360 Safe is becoming the top choice of anti-virus software for surfers.

The message sent by 360 Safe also disclosed that Hua Teng Ma, the CEO of Tencent, who held a value of over £ 3,000,000,000 (RMB 30 billion), was still enjoying  Economically Affordable Housing Subsidies.

The 360 Safe also said they had to fight back by using auto-message. The last time they use this was the battle between 360 Safe and Rising.

Tencent has not reply to 360 Safe’s comment yet.

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