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Free NHS NOT free prescription

An oversea student from Sheffield University, suffering from ear problems, experienced the medical service from National Health Services yesterday.  It was not until then did he finally realized that he had to pay certain fees for the medical prescription.

“I thought it was all free. I didn’t expect there to be some kind of extra fees.” he told the reporter with an no-alternative tongue.

Having suffered from the ear problem, he decided to go to the NHS walk-in center to see a doctor. It was not difficult for him to find the center as it was in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. The reception asked him some basic questions about the address, phone number and put the data into their computer. It appeared that during the Intro-week NHS registration they had not put his details into the data base.

A nurse called Lauren saw him after his ten minutes’ waiting and found him ear-infection only.

” That is a release but I am not sure if she really get my sickness.” he said.

Two boxes of Amoxicillin was his prescription given by Lauren. After paying a 7 pounds bill, he asked if there was a discount for student. The hospital told him to acquire a HC2 form from his university and he got it at the Health Center.

It was told that he might have a refund after he applied for the HC2 form.

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