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Bring the best out of a lecture

The rain was not heavy, now and then some time. But it certainly made the misty air more  like a drizzle. In the Lecture Theater 1 of Crookesmoor, Mr. David Holmes accompanied with Ms. Marie Kinsey was giving a lecture on Writing for the Media course to his journalism students of the University of Sheffield. Suddenly a loud cheer came out of the theater and soon enough bursted out giggling and laughing.

The title of the lecture was Interviewing Skills. David with his typical serious-looking face hidden with a charming smile was standing right in front of the room. ” Today we will have an interview on a case that a woman calls in describing herself as a ‘concerned parent’,” David said to the students,” Everyone got the brief yet? Marie will help me with this.”

There were two chairs put in the right front. Marie started to explain the role she would play in the interview and ask students about what kind of interviews is a good one. And David, walked up towards the right exit, disappeared. A few minutes later, a loud knock on the door woke everyone up.

“Come in please.”said Marie.

Dressed up in a red sports shirt and a pair of lousy slacks and a cotton knots on the head, David rushed in as Mr. Journalist. He found himself seated and went straight asking Ms. Interviewee questions. The students then suddenly noticed a round sign was hanging on his shirt, covering “FUCK THE POLICE”. The lecture went on and after the first show he went back changed into a suit and came back for a second time interview.

This was the way how he showed the students what a bad interview was and why was that. And the students learnt how to cover a good interview by watching their shows with comparisons.

Open lecture like this was not seen much in China. But according to a Chinese student, this kind of approach for a lecture really stroke the point and he loved the way it was. China is having a New Curriculum Revolution these years. Some teachers prefer to use demonstrations instead of  old-class teaching methods. This is a good start, not only for the students and teachers, but for the education system as well. At least, it is a good start.

(Portrait rights belongs to Mr. David Holmes and Ms. Marie Kinsey. Sorry for the facial pixelation, it was not deliberately made but was caused by zooming in of the lens.)

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