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Fire drill alarmed the Arts Tower

Situated in the right front of the main campus area, the Arts Tower is the most shining structure comes into your sight of view from a long distance away.


the Arts Tower, University of Sheffield

the Arts Tower


Around 13:00 this afternoon, a large crowd of students gathered just in front of the building. Most of them were talking with their friends who held file folders tight in the arms. As it was class-hour and nobody showed any attention of entering the building, our reporter approached one of those girls for the reason. ” It is fire alarm.” simply she said to our reporter and shrugged her shoulders.

At 13:14 there were almost one hundred students at the scene when a lady with yellow jacket came out of the front door and followed by two university employees with walkie-talkie in their hands beeping. “Everybody move to the assemble zone!” She said loudly, ” Back to the main road please!” After that the walkie-talkie men came down into the crowd and urged students to leave. Knowing it was just a fire drill, students slowly began moving back to the parking lot.

It was very obvious their afternoon lectures and workshops  were cancelled by this fire drill. And finally they despaired in knots.

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